About DPR

Our mission is to creatively solve problems that meet our client's objectives and enhance the natural and built environment. We do this by understanding the needs of our clients and the end-users, and the processes required for success.

For over 40 years, DPR Associates, Inc. has provided its clients with award-winning landscape architecture, planning, and civil engineering services. We strive to create distinctive and comfortable places for people, while protecting the quality of the natural environment. Through a collaborative approach & creative planning and design, DPR organizes natural and man-made elements to create places with human scale, aesthetic quality and lasting environmental integrity. We were "green" before "green" was popular.

The strength of DPR lies in our ability to respond to the client's needs with effective and appropriate design, planning, and engineering solutions that are well suited to the site and the project program. Our clients have found that we are responsive to the economic, social, and cultural values of each project.

We develop the construction documents for the majority of our planning projects. As a result, DPR remains ever-mindful of how the schematic design may impact construction. This approach of design + constructability makes the project more economical to build and helps reduce long-term maintenance costs.

DPR provides design services to a wide range of client sectors including residential, commercial, institutional, municipal, park and recreation design.