DPR is located in the desirable and centrally located Elizabeth neighborhood near uptown Charlotte. There are numerous popular neighborhood eating establishments, shops, and a park within walking distance. The neighborhood is conducive to pleasant lunch time walks.

Interesting Facts:

"In 1978, one of DPR's founding partners brought a cardboard box containing something mysterious into the reception area. In the box was a tiny, orphaned squirrel he named Biff. Staff took turns taking Biff home and bringing him back during the work week. Biff thrived and lived in DPR's screened back porch. A door was cut through the screen to the outside, complete with a perch. Biff would wait outside the window in the mornings to be let in. At times he would sit on the office assistant's shoulders as she typed. Fed on pecans and other special treats, life was pretty good. Biff was cute but grew into a wild teenager. Tossing dirt everywhere, he dug up every plant in the office to bury his treasures and was known to run up the pant legs of unsuspecting visitors. He did his part to make the office a lively place. Fortunately, Biff's attentions soon turned to the outside world as he realized the employees of DPR were not squirrels. He visited DPR less and less in favor of chasing girl squirrels and enjoying the great outdoors. Biff still lives in our hearts, stories, and pictures."
Courtesy of Beth Reath